Give Your Video Production Company A Hand With These Shot Ideas

When you're a parent who is involved in his or her child's baseball team, a beneficial project to take on is putting together a video of highlights that can be given to each child on the team at the end of the season. To get the highest-quality product available, you'll essentially need two things — an experienced video production company and an extensive selection of raw footage. Your video producer will be able to make a professional-quality video that the young athletes and their families will cherish, but the product will be the best if you can provide him or her with plenty of high-quality footage taken throughout the season. Don't just sit behind the backstop and record video with your smartphone. Here are some better ideas to implement.

Get A Clear Line Of Sight

No one wants to watch a baseball game filmed from behind a chain-link fence, so work to get a clear line of sight between your camera and the action on the field. This will give your video expert top-notch footage to edit into a professional video. There are a number of places that you can stand. Try down the lines, where the fences are lower. Depending on the facility, you might even be able to sit in the press box above the backstop. For younger kids, you could possibly even stand in foul territory, provided you have permission from the coach and umpire.

Focus On Stability

Your video production professional will be able to give you a better product if the footage you shoot is stable. While skilled editors can reduce the vibration of your shots with their software, there's no substitute for high-quality raw footage. You can dramatically improve your stability through the use of a monopod. Attach your video camera or smartphone to the top of the monopod and you'll get much stabler shots. Monopods are often better than tripods when you're shooting sports because they're less bulky and require essentially no setup time. This allows you to shoot from one angle and then quickly move to another location for more footage.

Consider Action Cameras

If you want to capture some visually engaging clips that your video production professional can weave into the production, consider using an action camera. See if the coach will consent to wearing a camera in a chest mount or head mount. You might also have some luck getting the catcher to wear one. The footage from these angles will be truly unique and can dramatically increase the appeal of the final product.