Want To Work In The Legal Field? One Job You Can Get With A Two-Year Associate's Degree

If you would like to work in the legal field, there are things you can do without a 4-year degree or beyond, and still make very good money. One thing you might want to consider is working as a court reporter. You will need an Associate's Degree for this position, however, but that only takes two years if you go full-time. Below is some information about court reporting to help you make the best informed decision on if this is type of job is right for you.

Working as a Court Reporter

A court reporter is a trained professional that has the ability to convert spoken words into information that can be easily read by anyone. Besides working in a court room, court reporters can also work in real time translation services for people that are hard of hearing and deaf, as well as in broadcast captioning.

The transcript you do is very important in the legal process. For example, if a litigant wants to exercise their right to appeal, the attorneys and/or judge will use the transcript you did to use as an accurate record of what happened during their case.

If attorneys are overseeing depositions pertaining to the case, they may use a court reporter to document everything to help them with the case.

Training for a Court Reporter

It is important that a court reporter obtains the correct education. According to the NCRA (National Court Reporters Association), there are many training programs offered that have GRMS (General Requirements and Minimum Standards). You should also find technical schools in your area that provides this degree.

During your schooling, you will learn court reporting using a machine that has 23 keys. When the schooling is finished, you will take a certification exam, such as the NVRA (National Verbatim Reporters Association), which you will have to pass before you can become a court reporter. To pass this exam, you will have to have at least a 200 words per minute dictation speed for five minutes and receive a 95 percent accuracy. You will also have to take a two voice testimonies at a speed of 225 words per minute for five minutes and receive a 95 percent accuracy.

To help you with this speed, you will learn many shortcuts during your schooling.

There are some skills that will make you a better court reporter. For example, you should be very good in grammar, be detail-oriented, and be a dependable person. If you do not show up on time, the legal proceedings would not be able to start on time in many cases.

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