Adding A Sound Bar To Your New Television For Better Audio Quality

The televisions on the market today have beautiful video, but many of them lack the higher-quality sound that you may desire when you are playing video games or watching the latest action movies. Built-in television speakers tend to put out a flat and hollow sound, but adding a sound bar will greatly improve the quality and depth of the audio.

Keep these three things in mind when you shop for a sound bar for your new television to ensure that you make the right purchasing decision that will boost the quality of your viewing experience: 

Know Your Television's Available Connector Port Types 

Just as your personal computer or laptop has many different connector ports on it for peripheral devices such as printers and headphones, so too does your new television. Check which connector port styles your new television has available for the sound bar before your go shopping. Most sound bars use one of the following three connector port types:

  1. HDMI
  2. optical digital
  3. analog

The owner's manual for your television set will also provide you with information on available sound bar connector ports.

Know About Subwoofers and the Two Sound Bar Styles

There are two types of sound bars:

  • traditional 
  • platform

Traditional sound bars are long and thin in shape, and they do not contain a subwoofer because they are not big enough to accommodate one. Platform sound bars are larger in size and do contain a subwoofer. If you want the low bass sounds but a thin sound bar that will attach to your television, then you will need to purchase a separate subwoofer.

Understand Proper Sound Bar Mounting Placement

Both types of sound bars are designed to give the best audio performance when they are placed near the bottom of your new television set. If your television has a built-in mounting bracket for the sound bar, then you should install it there. If it does not, then you should place the sound bar on the center of your television stand or mount it below the television on the wall.

For Additional Assistance

If you need additional assistance with purchasing or installing a sound bar on your new television set, then you should contact an audio-visual installation specialist (such as one from Poll Sound) in your local area. They can send someone out to your home to help you install your sound bar and ensure that you get the best video and audio from your new television.